6 Stories of Women who are Changing the Face of Healthcare

In honor of International Women’s Day, we are sharing stories of women who are driving continued technology leadership and innovation in healthcare – and patients whose lives are positively impacted by this technology.


1. One breast cancer survivor’s hope: Women can have their regular screenings “without pain”

Mrs. Atar, a breast cancer survivor from Istanbul, Turkey, shares her year-long breast cancer journey from malignant mass discovery to surgery to post-operation care and encourages women to get their regular breast cancer screenings. “Mammography is a woman’s nightmare. Along with new technological advances, I believe women can now have their routine checks without fear,” Atar says. Atar received her mammograms on new mammography technology designed by women, for women. [Read more…]


2. The art of science and empathy

Erin Brenner, a product manager for GE Healthcare Women’s Health, shares why she set out to help a team of women revolutionize mammography using her unique insight as a patient to design a more comfortable exam for women globally[Read more…] 


3. A little ditty’ bout Deb and Ann, two American Women, Doing the Best They Can to Save Lives

Debbie Harkins and Ann Cole are part of the GE Healthcare team who developed the AI that pulls data from a variety of sources to feed information to GE Healthcare’s mission control-style command centers. At the heart of the command center lies a centrally located hub that houses a Wall of Analytics (WOA), displayed on a bank of monitors in the center and accessible on mobile devices. The WOA processes real-time data from multiple sources across the hospital and triggers staff to act. In one recent case, this real-time data helped doctors save a patient’s kidney.  [Read more…]


4. This breast cancer survivor asks, "Do you know your breast tissue type?"

For years, Patti Beyer's breast tissue had been labeled “heterogeneous” or “extremely dense” in mammography reports that were sent directly to her gynecologist. Yet, as the patient, she received a letter that simply stated: “Your mammogram results are normal.” A radiologist mentioned that she had dense breast tissue years ago, but her gynecologist never discussed it with her. Today, Patti is on a mission to inform all women of this critical health factor [Read more…]


5. The fight against some of the toughest diseases facing the world

Daria Donati has always been fascinated by human biology. Since her days at university, she’s dreamt of developing technology to help defeat diseases that kill millions of people. As the Director for Business Development and Innovation of BioProcess for GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business, Daria led the launch of KUBio, a revolutionizing off-the-shelf facility where biomanufacturers can produce therapeutics that fight against some of the toughest diseases facing the world, including diabetes, cancer and heart disease. [Read more…]


6. Putting control of mammograms in women’s hands, literally

The best chance of early detection of breast cancer is a mammogram. But for many women, the number one reason they don’t schedule a mammogram is because of the fear and anxiety from the potential result and exam discomfort. That’s why a team of women came together to design new mammography technology – technology that they would want to be scanned on – including the industry’s first patient-assisted compression device that addresses pain and anxiety often associated with a mammogram by allowing women to adjust their own compression with the help of a technologist. [Read more…