Gas exchange and indirect calorimetry

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Application Guide: Gas exchange and indirect calorimetry

Recent advances in technology enable accurate measurement of respiratory gas exchange in a wide variety of clinical conditions. Modular indirect calorimetric devices are easy to use and can facilitates routine clinical measurements. The clinical applications range from assessment of energy requirements to comprehensive analysis of ventilation and oxygen transport in patients with complex cardiorespiratory problems.

Though the measurements can be made easily, the accuracy and reproducibility of results requires understanding of the basic principles of the measurement and the related physiology. Furthermore, indirect calorimetry is sensitive to measurement errors, making routine quality control procedures essential.

CARESCAPETM modular monitors from GE Healthcare provide a modular unit for gas exchange measurements. This guide explains in detail how to achieve accurate gas exchange measurements in multiple clinical conditions.

Jukka Takala, M.D. PhD
Professor of Intensive Care Medicine


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