LOGIQ 400 PRO Series

LOGIQ 400 PRO / LOGIQ 400 CL PRO* Series

Digital Ultrasound System
(*LOGIQ 400 CL PRO Available Only in Europe and Asia)

With the LOGIQ PRO Series, GE has once again set new standards for clinical performance. The LOGIQ 400 PRO Series is the latest example. Like all our PRO Series systems, it draws upon GE’s Breakthrough technologies to deliver consistently excellent image quality, extraordinary ease of use and access to advanced applications for the future. As a result, the LOGIQ 400 PRO addresses your need for diagnostic confidence, cost-efficiency and long-term investment protection.


Diagnostic confidence Diagnostic confidence is obviously your highest priority. So when it comes to choosing a new ultrasound system, the accuracy and reliability of the displayed image data are absolutely critical. The solution? The LOGIQ 400 PRO Series, which incorporates GE Ultrasound’s Breakthrough technologies to precisely focus the ultrasound beam.

LOGIQ 400 PRO Series

The LOGIQ 400 PRO Series delivers the diagnostic confidence you’ve been looking for.

  • Advanced Digital Beamformer
  • High-frequency Micron Imaging™
  • Adaptive Color Enhancement (ACE)
  • New progressive-scan monitor


LOGIQ 400 PRO Series

Productivity enhancements
The LOGIQ 400 PRO Series provides a variety of innovative technologies to increase departmental efficiency and patient throughput.

  • Automatic Tissue Optimization (ATO)
  • New keyboard and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Real-time Doppler Auto Calc
  • Fast, easy image management
  • Thumbnails multi-image display and archiving
  • DICOM compliance for seamless networking
  • Triplex imaging


Long-term investment protection
GE Ultrasound’s proven Breakthrough and migration strategy provides advanced technology and upgradeable platforms.

The LOGIQ 400 PRO Series comes complete with a broad range of innovative tools and value-added services that position you for the future of diagnostic ultrasound.

  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging
  • Access to continuing GE Breakthroughs
  • Affordable upgrades
  • New high-performance sector imaging
  • Integrated 3D surface rendering
  • InSite™ remote service