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GE Healthcare offers a wide range of products for interventional procedures, including our Innova* X-ray system. This family of single and biplane imaging systems offers excellent image quality with industry-leading Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) for a wide range of interventional procedures. An integral component of these products is the ability to optimize the radiation dose based on the needs of the patient, helping to enable clinicians to achieve the appropriate balance of radiation exposure and image quality in interventional care.


GE Healthcare’s Innova* imaging systems, featuring DoseSense, enable clinicians with advanced capabilities to manage dose based on the needs of the patient and can provide the clinical image quality needed to help facilitate confident decision making during interventional procedures.

Innova imaging systems are built on three key, innovative GE Healthcare technology pillars designed to maximize dose efficiency, reduce dose and simplify dose management. These pillars include a variety of proprietary technologies.

1: Dose Efficiency Technologies

2: Dose Reduction Features

3: Dose Management Tools

With a broad and deep array of products, systems and services, GE Healthcare is committed to helping enable responsible dose management in the interventional suite.

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