As electronic medical records (EMR) become more prevalent throughout the healthcare industry, more practices are implementing EMR systems to both reap the benefits of using computerized medical records and to qualify for federal financial incentives. When medical records software can be prohibitively costly for smaller practices to purchase and maintain, Web based EMR software provides an affordable alternative.

As opposed to electronic medical records programs that require the upfront purchase of hardware and software, Web based EMR software (or "cloud EMR") solutions require no initial capital investments and no IT staff to install or maintain them. Instead, practices pay a monthly subscription fee to access the software online from any location at any time. That means that rather than being locked away in a desktop solution, patient data is available at the office, the hospital or even from home or on a mobile device. Additionally, a Web based EMR software solution makes it easy to get started with EMR, and data in a web based EMR offering is typically more secure as it is protected in an advanced data center.

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Centricity Advance: leading web based EMR software from GE Healthcare.

Centricity Advance is GE Healthcare's web based solution, designed to provide practices with 10 physicians or fewer with innovative EMR software. Centricity Advance is easy to use and implement – most practices can transition their data, begin using EMR software and complete training in less than four weeks. Centricity Advance enables smaller practices to:

Additionally, because Centricity Advance is certified as a 2011/2012 Complete EHR for Meaningful Use Stage 1, practices deploying this Web based software may qualify for federal financial incentives.

Combine EMR functionality with practice management software and Web based patient portal.

In addition to Web based EMR software, Centricity Advance offers comprehensive practice management tools that help streamline operations, automate routine administrative tasks, enhance productivity and boost the bottom line. With Centricity Advance software, practices can improve revenue cycle management, manage cash flow more easily and reduce administrative expenses. Centricity Advance also provides a patient portal that lets patients view their medical records online, schedule appointments, communicate with their physician and request prescription refills.

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