In recent years more medical practices are converting from paper records to electronic health records (EHR) as the benefits of using electronic records have become more apparent to physicians and administrators. By digitizing and consolidating patient information, electronic health records offer healthcare practitioners a comprehensive view of a patient's medical history, medications, immunizations, lab results, radiology reports and important demographic details. With electronic health records, coordinating care between providers is simpler, preventing adverse drug interaction is easier, and patient follow-up and communication can be automated to improve the overall quality of care. And when incorporated into the physician's daily workflow, electronic health records can help improve productivity, simplify billing and improve the practice's bottom line.

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Financial incentives for meaningful use of electronic health records.

Believing that electronic records can dramatically improve the quality of care and reduce costs, the federal government has structured financial incentives to healthcare practitioners who adopt computerized medical records and can demonstrate "meaningful use." In order to qualify for these financial incentives, a practice must deploy technology from an electronic medical record vendor that has been certified as having the capacity to facilitate ehr meaningful use.

GE Healthcare's Centricity Advance: electronic health records solution for the smaller practice.

While a number of electronic medical record management solutions have received EHR certification, many are priced and designed for hospitals and larger medical practices that have the IT budgets and staff to deploy and manage complex software. For the smaller medical practice, however, these EMR solutions can be prohibitively costly and complex. That's why GE Healthcare has developed Centricity Advance, a Web based solution that allows smaller practices to transition to electronic health records quickly and affordably. With an easy-to-use interface that is accessible via a Web browser from anywhere, Centricity Advance allows smaller practices to reap the many benefits of electronic health records while offering predictable monthly costs and greater security.

Combining electronic health records, practice management tools and a patient portal, Centricity Advance enables medical practitioners to:

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